WPEngine Webhosting Plans

WPEngine Webhosting Plans – a review of the different WPEngine webhosting plans.

According to research by Andrew Hickey, content management systems (CMSs) are gradually taking over the internet. Due to their ease of use, people have stopped building websites from scratch, and have opted to employ CMSs to run and maintain their sites. The most common CMS today is wordpress, and powers 23% of all the websites in the internet alone. However, getting a good web host for your wordpress site is always a big challenge. Luckily though, WPEngine web hosts are dedicated webhosts for wordpress hosting that provides world class services, unleashing all your sites potential out of your wordpress website.


WPEngine Webhosting 2016

WPEngine Webhosting Plans
WPEngine features a number of hosting plans, giving you the ability to choose the best that fits your needs. Their plans have support for all wordpress needs and requirements, ranging from simple personal blogs to complex multi-sites. They have a total of 5 webhosting plans

Personal plan – This is the smallest plan, and is best suited for personal blogs or personal wordpress websites that have relatively low traffic. The plan costs $29 per month, and includes a 10GB storage space. Suitable traffic is around 25, 000 visits per month. Fortunately, WPEngine does not give limit on data transfer, it’s literally unlimited! The plan however can only support one install.

Professional plan – The plan is quite flexible, and has support for up to 10 installs. This means that you can install 10 different wordpress sites in this hosting plan. It features 20GB of local storage, suitable for average traffic of around 100, 000 visits per month. The plan will cost you $99 per month. Data transfer here is also unlimited.
Business plan – Just like the name suggests, this plan is recommended for smaller business websites, and provides higher traffic and cutting edge technology, such as GeoIP. The plan supports upto 25 installs, and offers 30 GB of storage space. Data transfer is also unlimited, and the estimated traffic is around 400, 000 visits. It goes for $259 per month.
Premium plan – Suitable for big businesses and brands, this plan gives you up to 300 GB of storage, and will effectively support up to 150 installs. Since corporate sites must be up and running with 0% downtime, premium plan features high speed and dedicated resources. However, this plan is a custom plan, and the price is dependent on your business requirements. You have to contact them to get your quote.

Enterprise Grade – This plan offers clustered solutions with no compromise on security, scalability and reliability. Apparently, this is the most powerful plan, with redundant power and hardware resources, boosted by load balancing technology to ensure that all your enterprise site requirements are met in style. The plan will support up to 1 TB of storage space. Just like premium plan, one has to contact them to get a custom quote.

Benefits/features of WPEngine web host
– 24 hours, 7 days a week support
– Live chat available on all hosting plans
– Support for 3rd party SSL (secure socket layer)
– Dedicated IP Address on business, premium and enterprise plans
– 24/7 phone support
– Unlimited monthly data transfers
– Dedicated hosting environments for enterprise and premium plans
– Malware scanning
– Firewall protection
– Daily backups

WPEngine runs entirely on Linux servers that have a reputation of stability and security. Another feature that makes WPEngine a 5 star web host is the 60 days money back guarantee. This gives you the assurance of zero compromise services. In addition to that, their customer service team is always available to serve you, and can either be reached via phone call or live chat. WPEngine is no doubt the best webhost for your wordpress personal, business or corporate website.

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Hostgator vs iPage

For webmasters, nowadays, picking up a good web hosting company for their website has become a very challenging task. A mediocre choice will effect the website as well as it will bring down the company’s reputation.This article won’t let you down and help you keep in mind the pros and cons of these web hosting companies. And will help you choose the best web hosting company for your business. Hostgator vs iPage a feature to feature comparison/review.

iPage Webhosting

Comparison- Hostgator vs iPage:

1. Web hosting- Plans Comparision:
For Hostgator, Parallels Plesk Builder is provided, which is easy to use and it lets you choose from various professional website templates.
For building custom website from the scratch, iPage provides Weebly, which is a free drag and drop builder. From hundreds of templates, a professional website can be chosen and there is no requirement of any prior knowledge of HTML or PHP.

2. Freebies: When you buy a web host, freebies are the extras you get.

i) Instant backup.
ii) Dedicated IP.
iii) Zen Cart and Cube Cart.
iv) Free WordPress installation.
v) Free Toll Free Number( Only with BCH- Business Class Hosting)

i) Free WordPress installation
ii) Marketing suit worth $300.
iii) Free domain registration for one year.

3. Web Hosting- services:
Both of them offers similar services, except iPage doesn’t offer reseller hosting. On the other hand, Hostgator has dominated the reseller hosting market for some time now, but are better known for their shared hosting services.

4. Control Panel:
Hostgator, for all its reseller, shared and VPS hosting services uses cPanel/WHM. cPanel is the most renowned control panel and is easy to use. Every feature of hosting account including MYSQL databases, FTP and emails can be managed.
iPage offers vDeck- a customed control panel used amid several brands (belonging to EIG). Not easy to use.

5. Support for Customers:
Hostgator has a friendly 24*7*365 customer support, which are very accurate about the wait time for a representative to be available. They are fast, know many other blogging platforms and WordPress well.
iPage support representatives are friendly but not fast in solving the issues.

6. Eco-Friendly:
Hostgator purchases REC’s- Renewable Energy Credits and has invested greatly in Wind energy, to offset server emissions.
iPage also purchases REC’s to help reduce the carbon footprint and also to help offset the energy usage (by 200%).

7. Plans :
Hostgator has three web hosting plans- hatching plan (most basic one), the baby plan and the business plan.
iPage offers one simple web hosting plan only, called Essential plan, which has almost all unlimited features a user may require.

8. Other Comparisons:
Hosting interface: Hostgator: cPanel & iPage: iPage Control Panel.
Server Uptime: Hostgator: 99.9% & iPage: N/A.
Full Refund Period: 45 days & iPage: 30 days.

Why Hostgator- a better choice for your website?
1. Uses cPanel- the most user friendly Control Panel in the world.
2. 24*7 services of highly reliable customer support team.
3. More functionality and for beginners it’s easy to handle.
4.Best quality for a reasonable price.
5. High speed website (for all your traffic).
6. Protects your database and site from bugs/viruses and offers maximum security.
7. Plans available with great features for all your requirements at a commendable price.
8. Offers chat, email and phone support.
9. All shared servers- 130% wind powered.

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Hostgator Hosting Plans

Circulating around the internet are various variety of web host services. But of course, you ought to ponder on what is the best out of them. Reliable, secured, always available and legit. These most significant positive aspects are just what Hostgator holds firm and that makes them simply the best out of the rest.


Web hosting nowadays mainly revolves on small-scale file hosting and when we say small-scale, it is all about file sharing where you will upload files using the File Transfer Protocol, Hypertext Transfer Protocol and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Now in this case, you might want something that will prove to be convenient and will be accessible to all of the kinds of web services. Hostgator firmly believes that a customer should always be entitled with the essential tools to fully maximized the functions of their website. Its feature also boasts very easy to implement services such as drag-and-drop website builder and Quick-app installer to support the customers so they will find it easy to make their websites accessible all the time!

Another reason why you have to pick Hostgator is because of their Reseller Hosting. You might wonder what exactly does Reseller Hosting means. Fret not, as it is simply something where you will get paid for hosting your clients. It is Hostgator’s notion to provide the customer the need for them to start a business where they can provide their clients a web service hosting as well. Adding to that, Hostgator allows the customer to act with nearly identical services as them to guarantee their clients the technical support they need.

We will now proceed to another feature and that is Hostgator’s VPS Hosting. VPS simply known as Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server is something like an exclusive server that can allocate most of the resources in a way that won’t conflict with the customer’s equipment. It is also fully flexible that the user can upgrade it anytime they see fit. The user can also oversee full control on its full root with the prospect of customizing and installing other advance software for hosting convenience.

Hostgator also provides the customers with easy-to-choose domain plans, whereas the user can register an innovative domain like the world has yet to seen. You can also look at their shopping list of domains for easier convenience and just like that, you can manage them fully according to your preference.

Hostgator might prove to be a winner for an avid blogger as well. With their provided application services, the user can choose from tons of blog styles that will make them able to tweak their dream blog from scratch. This application services also applies when a user wants to make an active forum, make their own online photo gallery, editing and creating their own wikipedia pages and many others.

Now, with the above mentioned features, are you wanting now to subscribe to Hostgator? Of course, you are. It is not like everyday that you will stumble upon something nifty such as Hostgator and its superb services. Just think about their reliability, 100% availability and security. You will absolutely feel safe all throughout your time with this wonderful webhost.

For More information about Hostgator check out Hostgator Coupon Bayou on YouTube:


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